Deepchild, Nick Höppner, Marcel Fengler & more: It’s Bigger Than


I have to admit, I’ve played more than a few horrible charity events in my time – often, seemingly run by disparate groups dreadlocked Left Alliance members. Often paid in warm cans of cheap beer – actually, make that ‘can’ of warm beer. I’m, all too frequently haunted by memories of being ‘rescheduled’ at such events, by the owners younger-brothers drum-circle, or proto new-wave saxophone band. The memories burn like the smell of cheap spirits. Probably because, the irony is that, so often, ‘charity’ has been a coded word for “indifference”. Sad, but true. The exceptions, on the other-hand, have been remarkable community-builders and game-changers.

Stalwart Deepchild supporters will remember the Yak Butter party I threw with my partner in 2000 – the city still awash with Olympic fervor and more than a little suspicion of refugees – even as China continued its calculated smear-campaign against the Dalai Llama, and any traces of Tibetan Independence. Somehow, what transpired still surprises me today – I’ve rarely seen a underground community so galvanized, so invested in the shared vision – AND the power of the dance-music event. We raised over $10,000 in one night for The Australia Tibet Council. We were forced to stop further entry to the event (an old warehouse complex) when over 800 people turned up to pay $25 entry each. What’s more, the line-up (including the now über-famous Pnau, and a host of stunning artists and VJs) have unequivocally become some of the worlds electronic-arts ‘game changers’, to this day. But I digress. The format, when executed correctly, can still change lives, build communities.

I’m about to play the first ‘charity’ event I’ve been invited to play in some years. I’m quietly hopeful that there’s something pretty special afoot here, which has the potential (after the first super-successful incarnation some months ago) to be pretty special. The curation, the cause and the intimidating caliber of all artists involved is humbling and inspiring – from Berghain honcho Nick Höppner to in stunning sound-design of Raster Norton’s Kanding Ray, John Osborn and deep-house legend Iron Curtis (just for a start) – its difficult to fault the caliber of the programming here. The ‘cause’, itself, is Save The Children – who are running several operations with Jordian situated refugee camps looking after the most innocent victims of war; children.

I’m excited to be involved, again, in a ‘serious’ charity event with the potential to achieve so much, and provide a rewarding experience for everyone involved. I’d love to see you there: Sunday March 24 from 2pm at Prince Charles, Berlin. Full event details at Resident Advisor and Facebook.

rick Deepchild x